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Ameda HygieniKit Milk Collection System

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Ameda's milk collection system features the world’s only FDA-cleared patented protective barrier that protects the breast milk, kit tubing and pump from potential contaminants like bacteria and viruses while pumping. The Ameda® HygieniKit Milk Collection Systems are designed to work specifically with all Ameda breast pumps. All HygieniKit Milk Collection Kits are without BPA or DEHP.The Ameda Dual HygieniKit Without BPA or DEHP is an exclusive system has a unique silicone diaphragm that prevents moisture and milk from entering the tubing so under normal use there's no need to clean the pump tubing! Each Ameda HygieniKit comes sterile, pre-assembled and ready to use. It fits all Ameda electric breast pumps, and it is easy to clean and re-assemble. With this system, you can pump into any standard-thread baby bottle or milk storage bag.Some other breast pump brands in the market do not have a protective barrier at the breast flange. Without an effective barrier, the tubing can be a potential medium for condensation, moisture and mold. This risk can ultimately affect breast milk for the infant as well as the pump parts.Ameda’s HygieniKit Milk Collection System with the FDA-cleared protective barrier helps prevent potential risk factors, offering the safest kit available in the market. There is no need to clean the tubing as it remains dry, simplifying pump use and careDual HygieniKit comes complete with: 2 36-inch Tubes Tubing Adapter/Pump Connector 2 Adapter Caps 2 Patented Silicone Diaphragms 2 Pump Bodies with Breastshields 4 White Valves 2 4oz. Bottles 2 Bottle Caps with Locking Rings Instruction Booklet

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