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Ameda ComfortGel Hydrogel Nursing Pads

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Ameda's ComfortGel Extended-Use Hydrogel pads may provide soothing, cooling relief and protection from nipple pain or trauma related to breastfeeding. They help create a moist wound environment that is recommended for optimal wound care. Pads fit discreetly and securely inside most nursing bras for extra cushioning and protection from rubbing against clothing while healing. Long life, pads can be rinsed and reused. FeaturesProvides cool, soothing relief of nipple discomfort upon applicationWearable inside clothing for discreet protection from rubbing during healingCreates a moist healing environment recommended by hospitals for optimal careProduct can be rinsed and reusedIncludes(2) ComfortGel pads(2) Plastic storage sleevesInstructions for use

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