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PARI Vortex Valved Holding Chamber


Categories: Nebulizers, Respiratory, Pediatric Products

The PARI Vortex is an affordable valved holding chamber (VHC) that minimizes the technique and coordination needed for effective inhaler treatments. Vortex's non-electrostatic metal valved holding chamber reduces static charge and ensures patients receive a more consistent dose of medication compared to traditional plastic holding chambers and spacers.


-The Vortex features Pari's patented "Duckbill Valve" that opens and closes with minimal inspiratory effort 

-Vortex's non-electrostatic holding chamber delivers up to 56% more respirable particles than traditional plastic holding chambers and spacers

-The Vortex VHC can be paired with a SmartTouch Pediatric or Adult face mask designed to provide comfort and an optimal facial seal

Manufacturer Note: Rx Required

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