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Spectra Breastshield Set

Categories: Breast Pumps , Breast Pump Supplies

Available in sizes Small (20mm), Medium (24mm), Large (28mm), & XL (32mm). 

Spectra recommends replacing your breast pump parts every 3-6 months for optimal performance and hygiene, the Spectra Breastshield set is the perfect set to buy when it’s time to replace. If you have the S1, S2,  or 9 Plus breast pump, this is the set you’ll need to have whether you need a set of replacement parts or just want to have an extra set on-hand for home or work.


  • One (1) Wide Neck Flange (Select your size below)
  • One (1) Back flow protector
  • One (1) Duckbill Valve
  • One (1) Tube

*If you are double pumping, please order two sets. 

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