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Roscoe Medical Circulaire II Hybrid Nebulizer System

Categories: Nebulizers, Respiratory

The Roscoe Medical Circulaire II Hybrid Nebulizer System is a unique high-efficiency aerosol drug delivery system that allows for a greater amount of drug to be administered in significantly less treatment time. The utilization of a unique elastomeric reservoir ball prevents medication from escaping and is easily cleaned. The Hybrid elevates drug delivery to superior levels by instantly compensating for the low output of poorly performing home air compressors.

Features & Specifications:

Includes: Circulaire II Hybrid with Elastomeric Reservoir Ball, Reusable VixOne Nebulizer, and Mouthpiece

Broad spectrum aerosol delivery with the highest FIA (fraction of inhalable aerosol) in the industry

Delivers up to 3x more medication than standard nebulizers

Manufacturer Note: Rx Required

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