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SideStream Reusable Nebulizer Cup

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The SideStream Reusable Nebulizer provides maximum aerosol quality and respirable output for the delivery of most commonly prescribed medications. The unique Venturi design offers faster drug delivery and shorter treatment times. This nebulizer is reusable and can be used for up to 6-months of treatments.SideStream Reusable Nebulizers offer fast, efficient and economical drug delivery, time after time. The innovative jet design produces consistently high-quality aerosol: 2.5 ml of drug output within 7 minutes compared to up to 15 minutes for other conventional nebulizers. SideStream Reusable Nebulizers are highly efficient and they also have fewer parts to assemble and clean than other conventional nebulizers.This nebulizer is compatible with all standard nebulizer compressor systems including those from Philips Respironics, Pari Medical,   Devilbiss Healthcare and others. 
Prod Spec Prod Spec Value
Manufacturer Philips Respironics
Includes: Reusable Nebulizer (10 ml capacity), Mouthpiece, 7
Treatment Time 6
Nebulizer Medication Capacity 10ml

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